Once Upon a Dream

Yesterday, I visited a lovely Arboretum in Kettering, Ohio - and while the word 'enchanting' doesn't begin to do the experience justice - it still qualifies as the closest I will find to an accurate description for my mid-day adventure.

Emerson is credited with the knowing words “Nature always wears the colors of the spirit,” and something about the glow of autumnal orange makes this sentiment ring particularly true. There's a revitalizing feeling that accompanies the chill of crisp fall air, which is further complimented by the warm comfort of its red, orange, yellow and brown hues.

As I walked this newfound terrain, I was overcome with gratitude. For nature, for the changing of the seasons; for the time and ability to experience them. I felt like a kid as I explored new bounds of the little speck of the world which I currently occupy. How much of it is still unseen. How much will always remain so, despite a lifetime's attempts to see it all.

Yesterday, I saw a bit more than I ever had. And every corner offered a new landscape of shimmery golden tones and new possibilities.

A treehouse tower overlooked acres of natural topography, while the ground below offered a magic all of its own - by way of treelined pathways and serene ponds (which seemed to mirror the beauty of its surroundings as well as harbor magnificence by its own accord).

Brief encounters with other onlookers took place - mostly accompanied by a look of mutual adoration for the space we were sharing, and the leisurely pace such an environment necessitates. Even the fish of the water and birds above seemed to cultivate this way of life as they gently inched forward at a naturally slower tempo.

Knowing that they would get to their destination when they got there, but for the moment, they would be just as content to take in the view.

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Photographs taken at Cox Arboretum MetroPark.