Growing Up,

so much of your identity is central to where you are from.

From the physical spot where you would rest your head at the end of the day to the scenery accompanying your adolescent narrative, your childhood home is your first experience of the world, and a little slice of it to call your very own.

One of the first questions we ask others when getting to know them is where they are from. You can learn a lot about a person just from their lifetime's geography, as it communicates more than just that. It tells you where they've spent their days and experienced joy, laughter, heartache.

Of course, the significance of home doesn't go away as you get older - often times that growth further intensifies your appreciation of your present home and all the ones that came before. It's the places you where you work and return afterwards, and all the little moments in between. It's the environment where your community lives, and a part of you along with it.

After going off to college and living away from the only home I'd ever known, I felt a newfound appreciation for both spaces in which I have been fortunate to call home. While geographically they are located within the same city, they have somehow managed to feel worlds apart.

This photo series is a physical exploration of my new home, while still capturing the love and admiration for my first one.

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