Croatian Holiday

My first trip to Europe Documented From Zagreb, Croatia.

During the Spring Break of my fourth year in undergrad I traveled with a group of students to the European country of Croatia, where I experienced the beauty of European lifestyle, fashion and gelato for the first time!

The city of Zagreb is the northwestern capitol of Croatia, and is known for its Austro-Hungarian architecture from the 1700-1800s. Coupled with its stunning architecture, I was immediately taken with the sights and sounds of the city, as well as the pace of life.

While everything feels exciting and fast-paced in the square, the reality of a Croatian lifestyle is much slower than I anticipated. Croatian natives value relationship, and a good cup of coffee. A typical restaurant meet-up lasts several hours, and emphases the value of both community and an unhurried life.

But that isn't to say Croatian life is not lively. From their street-trams to local flea markets, there is always something new around the corner, and an easy way to get there. With most places available to a pedestrian, the sidewalks are frequently occupied with people en route to their next destination. Many of the locals I met spoke English, and acquired this second language from television programs and films they watched growing up. The people are friendly and social and everyone I met was happy to strike up a conversation!

Of course, I cannot discuss the wonder of Croatia and forgo its pastries and gelato! With a pastry and gelato shop down the street from our hotel, I feel I adequately familiarized myself with local indulgences (and I honestly still dream about the Nutella gelato, it's the real deal.) I shared my 22nd birthday with Croatia, and still cannot think of a better way to spend the start of a new age than with good friends and Nutella gelato in a beautiful city.

A week is not nearly long enough to experience all that Croatia has to offer, but I am thankful to have gotten a glimpse of it. If you have the opportunity to visit Croatia, I would definitely recommend doing so. The scenery is beautiful (as I was often reminded, Kings Landing in Game of Thrones was shot there!) as are the people and culture.

I would go back in an instant, and hope to explore more of the beauty of Croatia again soon!

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