The Experience

Portrait, Event & Wedding PhotographY

Whether I'm with you photographing your four-legged best friend for an hour or accompanying you all day for the wedding of your dreams, I want to make sure your experience with me is the best it can be!

Below are some FAQ's to help you get a better feel for my process!

How Would you Describe your Photography Style?

I love documenting moments as they happen, and consider myself more of a photojournalist than styled photographer. I've worked as a Brigade Photographer for The Village Life Outreach Project, and have worked as a University Photographer for UC (which are both well suited for my style!) I've found this to be a strength for Wedding, Event and Portrait Photography in capturing authentic moments. 

That being said, I have a BFA from The University of Cincinnati's College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning and am always open for more Fine Art and creative shoots!

What Does The Booking Process Look Like?

Initial photo inquiry forms can be found here for Wedding and Elopements and here for all other inquiries. I ask that you fill this out first before contacting me directly (I'll probably end up asking you all the same questions if not, and this is the best format for me to streamline requests.)

I'll follow-up via email to go over details for portrait/event shoots (after that you're all set!) and schedule a call or meet up for weddings, elopements and big projects. From there, we can work on a timeline/shotlist to make sure I'm capturing everything you want, and leave a little extra room for fun ideas day-of :-)


For Weddings and Elopements, I will send a mini gallery to you the day after so you'll have some photos to post and tide you over while you wait. You will receive a link to your full online gallery in 4-6 weeks.

For events like receptions, dinners and ceremonies, I typically hold a 1-2 week turn around time, unless previously discussed as needing a quick deadline.

For larger events and portrait sessions, you will receive an online gallery link within 2-4 weeks (and a mini gallery the day after for portrait shoots.)

In all cases, you can view, download, use and share all of the photos from the online gallery, and once they are sent out they are yours to keep!


I love to spend the day with you! We will work out a timeline for the more formal photos, and I'll be there to capture those along with the moments in between. I make sure to get overall photos of the venue and little details that make your day unique, and my favorite part is capturing the little bits of natural joy and celebration!

Have a Project In Mind?

In the case of special projects, I will follow up with you after receiving your photo inquiry form to set up a call or meeting to outline details and go over a game plan. I love to try new things and venture into creative pursuits, so I am happy to take on new ideas!